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  1. Kroger Killing Double And Triple Coupons – Consumerist
  2. Here are Texas's Double Coupon Grocery Stores:
  3. Kroger will no longer double, triple coupons at Dallas-Fort Worth stores starting next week

Kroger Deals are posted here on MyLitter each Wednesday. By comprising your grocery list mostly with sale items first, you can then use your coupons to save more and fill in any other needs after you save as much as you can for the week. Kroger accepts digital e-coupons from the Kroger. These coupons are manufacturer coupons and do not double or triple.

They also can not be combined with paper manufacturer coupons and are one time use. Kroger accepts manufacturer coupons and as stated above, sometimes doubles or triples them. They accept manufacturer coupons from the Sunday inserts, other advertisements and printed from the internet. In areas that double or triple you will want to verify the limits as well.

Kroger Killing Double And Triple Coupons – Consumerist

During the mix and match or mega event they offer money back or off instantly when you check out. The majority of the recent sales have been instant savings. For example: Kroger runs and participates in Catalina offers. These are promotions that give you a coupon for savings on your next shopping order when you buy specific items. You will find similar sales, policies and deals at the Kroger Affiliates listed in the picture below. Not sure which region you are? Check out the map above. Here in Texas we are Kroger Southwest. Different regions start their sales cycles on different days, ours here are from Wednesday morning until Tuesday night.

But Not All Grocery Stores Double Before you start filling up your grocery cart with items you think are going to double, you should know that not all grocery stores participate in double coupons. The added money in the discount has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is the store's own wallet; this is why not all stores will double. Albertsons stores are always a little different as the stores set their policies themselves. Check with your local Albertsons for specific policies. Kroger has been on a campaign to cut double coupons from many of their stores, and most of Texas unfortunately falls under that list.

Customers who use their Homeland One Cards will be able to double manufacturer's coupons every day. At Brookshire's customers can use up to four "like" coupons for double or triple value. Only manufacturer's or Brookshire's coupons can be used for doubling or tripling. A cashier asks for it first to have a lower time, thus making them more efficient and more likely to not be in an express lane or have a higher pay. January 29, at 8: Thanks for the refresher course!

January 28, at I just want to echo what you said about Manager Specials. I will always browse quickly past the specialty cheese section, the packaged produce section, the meat section, and the dairy section to see if there are any specials. Once every blue moon I will have a coupon for a manger special — and Kroger will pay me to take the item off their hands! January 28, January 27, at I love Kroger. I sometimes get a cashier that is not as friendly about the coupons but they do not represent Kroger as a whole. I recently had two e-coupons that did not credit and I emailed the e-coupon Customer Service Team, who gladly credited the amounts to my card.

Sometimes cashiers make up their own rules about coupons. I was told at one Krogers in Columbus, Ohio that they do not accept internet printed coupons. After speaking to the manager, I found out that they did! Also the Walmart in Whitehall, Ohio to me that they do not accept any internet coupons at all. So do not always beleive what the cashiers and managers tell you. Some just do not know the stores policy. January 27, at 9: I just figured it out today.

I had 2 coupons looked the same, one of them was missing the date because I cut it wrong. I work at Kroger, not as a U-Scan attendant, but I always end up working the registers next to it and see all they do. I have asked all the U-scan attendants at my store how they like it compared to the regular register because I am considering going back to training to do it.

They all told me the U-Scan was a lot harder and all preferred the regular register. I sent them email about the mailing coupon thing. I guess I will never get it. February 1, at 2: Stephanie , So you mean their customer service people lied to me? What should I do then?

Thanks for your reply. You had recently contacted us regarding the fact you would like to receive Kroger coupons in the mail. I believe when you first signed up for your Kroger plus card you checked the box that stated you did not want to receive mail from Kroger. February 2, at 1: February 2, at 3: Stephanie , Thanks for your reply. I see. Do you remember how often you go there? Because I went there about once a week, I dunno how often is often enough for them.

Here are Texas's Double Coupon Grocery Stores:

Renee , I go there about once a month or so, depending on the sales. Since you just got signed up for the mailings, give it a month or two and see if you start receiving coupons. My store only sends out coupons every months.

Ask your store manager. Renee , by the way, I went shopping in Kroger almost every week. Also I have experienced difficulty to use coupons for free items. There are 2 krogers in my area. So next day I went to the other kroger, they took it without any problem. It really confused me.

Kroger will no longer double, triple coupons at Dallas-Fort Worth stores starting next week

May 5, at 2: Renee , I emailed Kroger customer service to ask about their coupon policy. Does that make sense? I got a little lost in that sentence, but do you get my drift?

January 27, at 8: I wish we had a Kroger!! Only one chain supermarket here doubles but only on coupons valued at less than a dollar. If your coupon is. But I still wish we had a Kroger!! January 27, at 6: I live in WV and after reading this I called the Kroger number at 7: Strange, but oh well. I kroger store triples in texas, adn I know the ones back in Louisiana where I used to live do to. Certain areas are owned by a different group int he company and the rules are different. And then the managers at single stores can have their say too, so you really have to ask at YOUR store to know for sure.

They have probably never even clipped a coupon…lol. Holly , Not all Kroger stores triple coupons — Kroger stores in other areas of the country may have never heard of triple coupons. January 27, at 2: I have a question how does Maria and Misty Mc have so many coupons of one item??? I obviously am not doing something???? January 27, at 3: That helps people see the benefit of bringing me what they would otherwise recycle. Spread the word and share the wealth! May 26, at 1: If people are buying that many papers are they getting a deal or not. I have just started compiling my coupons and am really not to savy on how this whole couponing thing works.

My biggest question is how on earth do they buy so much for nearly nothing. I shop at Krogers in Ohio and they have a 6 coupon limit per item. Learning a lot from this website. You can also go to your local recycling center and look through the bins late Sunday evening or Monday morning. Or you can look through dumpsters of stores that sell Sunday papers. Or you can ask the store for any leftover copies they have on Mondays. Some stores will let you have them, others might not. Just ask a manager. One more note: Before you shop at any Kroger store, you should check with store manager to see if they accept internet printed coupons.

My stores in Grand Prairie TX do not. The first time I shoped there with internet coupons, I spent about a hour at the store. Lately, I found out at the check out line they did not take any internet coupons. Now, I only use coupons from newspaper when I shop at Kroger. March 13, at 5: Ann, which Kroger in Grand Prairie, do you shop at.

Kroger Coupon Acceptance

I never once had a problem with Internet Printed Coupons. To tell you the truth, I just used a couple of internet coupons a few days ago, without any problems. Jessie , This has been my experience as well. May 22, at 7: I know Kroger here in Va have these awesome sales. That store just turns me off. Each store is different. If the sign says unlimited than they need to follow it. I went through training with other cashiers from all over Va and we were told that there is no limit to the number of coupons that can be doubled.

January 26, at 9: Maria, is your Kroger still carrying 8 oz softsoap??? All the ones here in Garland and Mesquite TX have been hit with a shrink ray. Okay, fine! Misty Mc , this is where I am too Misty. I always go to the store on broadway and 30 and they have no limit of 3 and are always super nice and I have never been given trouble using a single coupon there.

I think the soaps have always been that 7. January 26, at 6: Worth still double or triple coupons? I have family up there and have always wondered if they did. I live near Waco and drive all the way to Cleburne just to go to Kroger. That really sucks. I used to get a lot of free stuff. Do those of you living near Garland who get a senior discount get it on most of your items? Mine will only do 3. Kroger does not double here in GA either. March 13, at Kroger does double coupons here as long as they are.

I have even had a cashier adjust the doubled coupon price so as not to let the price go negative. That was such the typo I meant triple coupons. April 12, at May 21, at 2: January 26, at 8: February 10, at I just went to Kroger yesterday and used several coupons. I live in TN as well. May 2, at 3: They used to triple them quarterly not any longer. I am planning to talk to the manager and ask if they will consider tripling them again at least quarterly. May 5, at 3: I am new to couponing, do you know if this store doubles?

Thanks, Renee;. May 31, at I live in Tn and shop at the Alcoa TN Kroger and thay do double and triple if u remind the cashier she or he will do it for u if u print out a Kroger couopon policy and thay will follow it..

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February 2, at 8: I am new to the area. I shop at the Crossville, TN Kroger. I save some money? Very excited to save. Going to call the Kroger here to establish what the policy is. October 22, at 3: We have a number of them. But they used to have a special time where thy would on certain days triple them, but not anymore.

Now they double them up to. They do double them, but they show it in a different way. I watch that extreme couponing show and with all the copies they get of each coupon and being able to find the real good sales, it does look like it could pay off if you do massive amounts of shopping. I am glad for anybody that can really take advantage of all the ways you can use the coupons.

I wish for all of you to save a lot of money, by the looks of it, it does pay off. May 29, at 2: I live in Maryville TN am new to couponing. Does Kroger double coupons on certain dates or is it advertised? Any help would be appreciated. Shopping for two households mother-in-law had knee surgery and need all the help I can get.

May 31, at 7: May 21, at 6: I live near Waco and have to drive to Cleburne just to go Kroger. February 5, at I am an avid couponer and have been since The Krogers in Houston have stopped doubling and trippling coupons. This is because of the economy. The one Kroger on College Station does double and tripple.

I actually think it may be worth the trip if you are saving enough at the checkout line. October 19, at I am new to couponing. My Kroger store doesnt double or triple coupons….. Im a newbie and just was wondering. February 1, at Our Kroger here in Elkins, WV doubles everyday up to. I want that deal! March 9, at The reason for it not tripling is because you only had.

I work at Kroger as a cashier. April 16, at Couponing offers a variety of money-saving strategies that encourage and motivate readers to get creative and explore different savings techniques. Store Guides and Policies January 21, Bea July 4, at 9: Tiffany Dianne via Facebook July 2, at Jen Thrifty Nwmom via Facebook April 7, at 3: Thanks for the tips! Laurie Messer via Facebook April 7, at 1: Carol March 22, at 9: Jen Thrifty Nwmom via Facebook March 11, at 4: Great tips! Elizabeth Brine via Facebook March 11, at Jacque Line via Facebook March 11, at Jill Keogh Craft via Facebook March 11, at Tina February 2, at Sheila Hall April 3, at Marge March 26, at 5: Keith Lilly March 6, at 6: Sherry December 1, at 1: Jamie Young November 17, at 8: Tina April 26, at 1: Wanda March 7, at 8: Meagan March 7, at With the double and triple coupons u just need on coupon per item right Say the dial soap is on sale for 1.

Meagan January 31, at Tricia January 25, at 7: Meagan January 25, at 9: I recommend asking the manager of your local Kroger, either by phone or in-person. Sara Pichardo January 17, at Macy November 14, at 8: Meagan November 15, at 1: Heather December 28, at Pam May 14, at Katie April 11, at 1: I was wondering a couple things though — 1 Is going to the actual store I shop at and asking customer service their coupon policy, the best bet?

Thanks, Katie. Meagan April 11, at 2: Good luck! Alison March 5, at 1: Teresa January 6, at 5: Stefanee December 1, at Virginia November 10, at 8: Stephanie November 11, at 6: Myra October 20, at Donna October 19, at 5: Stephanie November 1, at 9: Cecile June 11, at 3: Ann Rosales September 27, at 8: Jennifer August 30, at 3: Casey August 26, at 3: Stephanie August 28, at Rachel January 4, at